MYP Chinese, Ms. Xiao-hui

chinese instructor Song

This year, CIS is pleased to welcome Ms. Xiao-hui Song (Ms. Michelle) to our school!  Ms. Michelle is teaching MYP Chinese as well as Chinese for our 4-6th grade students. Shecan be reached at

January 19, 2017

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September 19, 2016
Last week, we celebrated a Chinese traditional festival — the mid-autumn festival . We made a big poster together for every class from grade 4 to grade 10. And every student in grade 7 to 10 made a poster about the moon festival individually . The presentations included information on stories, traditions, food,celebration activities and so on. On Thursday, they shared their own presentation with the whole class. And we displayed them outside the classroom and inside the classroom as well. I think we had a good time learning about the festival. The work the students showed me was really great, and it is really more than I had imagined they would do.