MYP Year 1 Spanish

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September 23, 2014
Hello parents,
Evaluation of the student will be a balance of formative and summative assessments to provide ongoing feedback for student improvement and everything is going to be posted in Managebac. Also, I attached the assessment criteria depending on the level of the student.
Group 1 = Phase 1
Group 2 = Phase 2
Group 3 = Phase 3
• Formative assessment- quizzes, dialogues, debates, group or individual presentations, interviews with teacher, interviews with other students, role-play, and summaries.
• Summative Assessment: Students will be assessed using criterion-related rubrics. Although students are encourage to work together, they will be evaluated individually according to the specific rubric.
The IB assessment criteria include 4 areas as follows:
Criterion A  Comprehending spoken and visual text
Criterion B  Comprehending written and visual text
Criterion C  Communicating in response to spoken, written and visual text
Criterion D  Using language in spoken and written
Grading Scale:
7- Highly Advanced, 6-Advanced, 5- Highly Proficient, 4- Proficient (Passing), 3- Nearing Proficient, 2- Beginning Steps, 1- Minimal Understanding, 0- Not Attempted.
Some formative assessments will be graded in both traditional and IB Grading.
Maestra Alma