PYP 4th/5th Grade, Maestra Ana Perea and Mr. Brent Diaz

Spanish Vocabulario    English Vocabulary Words

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August 31st, 2017

I gave your student a hard copy of this vocabulary. We used the words from the “big book” of Quienes somos. Your student will practice in class and at home. First vocabulary quiz done!… our little ones did super!!!! On Friday I will add the list to your weekly letter.

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August 24th, 2017



Queridos Padres,

 This week the 4th and 5th graders worked on Spanish vocabulary (meaning and application) and created vocabulary journals for both English and math. Students also saw a short video of the Aztecs and Incas as part of our IB unit and worked on using a Venn diagram to organize this information. We read “the big book” of Aztec and Inca Culture, which we will continue reading while identifying facts, cause and effect, who we are as a culture and responsible members of society, and how it all relates to us as IB students of CIS. All English students created their own solar eclipse myths and fifth graders finished their letter to future self. Fifth graders also need a stamp for their envelope. Please return the stamped envelope as soon as possible.


NO reading report yet for 4th graders, but these will be coming soon so please be patient. In mathematics 4th and 5th grade worked on place value and multiplication with decimals. 4th graders also practiced area and perimeter. We will continue practicing decimals throughout the year. Again, please quiz your child on their multiplication table as it is a necessary KEY for this subject.


The second Spanish vocabulary will be ready soon and is based on “the big book” about the Aztecs and Incas. Mr Diaz will begin posting his words this week. The first spelling quiz will begin on Tuesday, September 4 for English. 

 gracias por su apoyo,
Brent Diaz & Ana Perea.


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August 17th, 2017

Dear Parents,

This week went fast! 4th and 5th grade students were eager to learn and participate throughout this beginning unit. Below are highlights from the week.

In both Spanish and English this week, both grades discussed the classroom rules, expectations and our current social skill, Responsibility. The transdisciplinary theme, central idea, and lines of inquiry – as well as the IB profiles – were introduced, discussed and written about. We also finalized our essential agreement for the classroom. This contract was throughly planned and agreed to by all participants. It will be signed and displayed in the classroom as a reminder.

During Spanish mathematics we discussed the Problem of the Day, which focused on multiplication with decimals.  5th graders (both classes) also reviewed the previous year’s mathematics, starting with place value. Students were preassessed on their current math skills as well in order to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is a continuous process. Throughout the fourth and fifth grade it is imperative that your child memorize their multiplication table as it is a necessary skill for the remainder of their academic careers! Obviously these math facts will be practiced almost daily, but for some this will not be enough. Therefore we recommend that your child practice the multiplication table via flashcards and routine. Students should also dedicate 15-20 minutes reading in any language. This is another expected task for middle school and beyond. 

Mr. Diaz will absent on Monday and Tuesday as he will be visiting the Wyoming/Nebraska area for the total solar eclipse. He has purchased a set of 50 eclipse glasses so that both classes can safely view the partial solar ecplise on Monday beginning at around 10:30 AM. These glasses were purchased direct from the manufacturer, American Paper Optics, and guaranteed safe. If you prefer you child not use these glass during this event, please contact Mrs. Perea or Mr. Diaz via email. 

Reading Reports and Vocabulary quizzes will start soon. Please use the class webpage if you need to find the current spelling list for studying. 

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