PYP and MYP Physical Education, Mr. Clay Stephenson

new logo apple with leavesJanuary 27, 2017

Hello PYP parents! The month of January has been a fun one, as we are finishing up one of my favorite units, the basketball unit! I coached high school basketball before, so I absolutely loved teaching fundamentals to your children. They have done very well listening and participating. Four square also went well, they even taught me some ideas on four square! Hope all is well, and again always feel free to contact me! Have a great weekend!

Hello MYP parents! We just had one of the best weeks playing what I call “speedball”. This was a game that we played at the beginning of the year, and decided to come back to it, and it went very well. I saw some of the best effort and participation that I have ever seen. We have also been working on some basketball drills and games, this has been a blast! I hope to do a few more basketball sessions before moving on to a soccer unit. Hope all is well, and please always feel free to contact me if anything ever comes up! Have a great weekend!

new logo apple with leavesOctober 2, 2016

Hello parents!
Hope is all going well, I sure do love this time of year. Currently in PYP P.E. we are between units as I gather what I need for the fitness testing unit. I plan to do pushups, sit-ups, the pacer test, as well as some sort of mile type test hopefully three times throughout the year. Until this begins we are working on invasion games such as capture the flag, and super blitz. Also, we are working on our dances for International day occasionally in P.E. Some of these dances are definitely a good workout!
Currently in MYP we are also working on invasion games such as capture the flag and super blitz. Also, between these we are occasionally working on the International Day dance. I apologize for not having a grade these past few weeks, there have been many events that did not allow me to have some of the classes, so there have been some free physical activity days in which I do not record a grade. Have a great rest of your week, please always feel free to contact me at my Corrales email (
Coach Stephenson

new logo apple with leavesSeptember 30 ,2016

Hello PYP parents!

I have had a great year so far teaching your students! They are truly amazing. So far we have completed a cooperation unit in which we competed in games that were mostly different from typical sports but all involved teamwork and communication/ cooperation. Also, we just finished our “Throwing Things” unit. I am still currently deciding which of two units I will begin next week (Kicking or Four Square). If there are ever any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me through e-mail or through the front office. (

Hello MYP Parents!

This week we have worked on our whiffle ball skills! It has been a great week, the kids were very competitive and did very well with this game. Next week I am planning to play volleyball after really going over the game in more detail. Hope everyone has had a great week!

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September 19, 2016


Hello parents! Just wanted to give a quick update on what we have begun the year with. At this point the main focus in PE is team/ cooperation games. For example we have played speed ball (a version of handball), nuke-em (a game involving team strategy throwing the volleyball), and swamp dodge ball (a strategic never out type of dodge ball). As we get closer to international day, I plan to provide the students opportunities to practice their dances as well. Other than that, we will continue our cooperation games.  Thanks for all your support!

Clay Stephenson

Physical Education Instructor

Corrales International School