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The Foundation provides funding and other means of support to enhance the mission of Corrales International School. The primary focus of the Foundation is to support the educational pursuits of students through programming, facility enhancements, and supplemental faculty resources. Realizing that Corrales International School and its families benefit from participation in the greater community, the CIS Foundation also endeavors to provide opportunities to enrich the quality of life in the region surrounding our school.  –For more information, visit

The CIS Foundation needs your Help!
Wondering how you can have an impact on your child’s school community this year?  Consider joining the CIS Foundation Board, we are in search of members at large and a new Co-Chair to help realize our goal of supporting CIS!
How can we all help to make this happen?
  • *   Come to a meeting! 3:30pm 9/8/16 at CIS
  • *   Buy a Brick for our mural in the front entrance
  • *   Contact your employer and select CIS Foundation as the recipient of your United Way Donation
  • *   Direct Donation
  • *   Meet your families’ raffle ticket sales goal (20 per student or 30 per family) and return monies and tickets asap to the Foundation box at CIS. All profits made go directly to the Building Fund
What is the Foundation?
We are a group of parents who have come together to support the cause of our children’s school. Our primary mission is to support the mission of CIS; at the moment all efforts are focused on raising money for our Building Fund. In order to achieve this goal our current board of 4 parents must grow in number and involvement. We invite parents, grandparents, and invested community members to become a part of the Foundation in either a leadership role, or as a member at large.
  • *    Please contact LaJean McCaig if you are interested in being a leader in our community as our new Co-Chair!

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As we all (hopefully) know by now, CIS must be in a publicly owned building by 2017 in order to have our charter renewed. To make this happen we must come together as a community to raise the funds needed for the down payment for the wonderful building we are currently in. The CIS Foundation’s mission is to support this goal, as a tax-deductible non-profit our goal is to work within and outside of the school community to make this happen! There are many ways to contribute to the long term success and viability of our unique school.
Please consider becoming a United Way donor: Go to, or speak to your employer. Be sure to use the “Search for Donor button” to find Corrales International School Foundation to indicate where you would like your donation to go. You can make a one time donation or become a monthly donor! For only $55.00 a month your family can donate the recommended $650 per family donation to make our school’s fundraising goal a reality.
Our commemorative bricks will finally have a home! They should be installed by International Day!
Go to the school website or to order one for your family, business or House today!
Our next meeting is TBD, attendance earns House points, and everyone is welcome!
A big thank you to Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red and Green Houses for their fundraising efforts over the course of the school year, together they raised over $7000!  This does not represent the Mini Cooper raffle ticket sales.
Special Recognition to our sustaining donors whose generosity each month through United Way is helping to grow our Building Fund!
George and Marlene Bachand
Marcelle Fiedler
Elizabeth Volkman
Paul Judd
Lisa Ortega
Tara Armijo-Prewitt
Dr. Elsy Diaz
Thank you to our generous donors:
Illuminate sponsors
George and Marlene Bachand
Chris and Carol Taylor
Spark Of Light 
Elizabeth Vanleeuwen
Southwest Collectibles
Kevin and Janet Vowles
Jennifer Salisbury
Lantern Bearers
The Kumar Family
Legacy Media
Susan Murphy
Tom and Liza Volkman
Seth W.Fiedler
Frank & Donna Payne
Sarah Meto
Chris & Carrie Elmore
Jesus & Claudia Olivas
Brenda Lucero
Pamela Kear & Robin Yoder
B & C Trucking
Wayne & Maggie Unze
JoAnn Brown
Katherine Hutchinson
Joanne Villa
Michael Villa
Philip Hellmick
If you have donated but do not see your name listed, please feel free to contact Anna,
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A letter from new executive board members, John Perea and Anna Prewitt:

We would like to thank the outgoing board members for all of their efforts in furthering the mission of the CIS Foundation. Their time and efforts are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to build momentum in raising funds to support our fabulous and unique school.

John and I are excited to work with continuing board members Carl Grending, Joe Marino, John McCall (Vice President), and Michael Weinberg (Treasurer), and welcome new board members Raj Shethia and George Bachand, as well as Abbie Jackson, our new Secretary.

Mark your calendars and register now for the KidsTri triathlon on May 16th, it’s a fun, healthy event which benefits the CIS Foundation.

There are many ways to donate to the CIS Foundation either through a tax deductible donation, purchasing a brick for your family, or through the United Way. Together, as a community, we can continue to grow the vision and mission of CIS.

Our next meeting is April 16 at 5:30pm at CIS, please join us!

Anna Prewitt, President

John Perea, Chair

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Have you had a chance to donate to the Annual Fund Drive this year? As you may know Corrales International School must raise funds to pay for the purchase of our new home. With the help of our amazing community we can do this! The CIS Foundation is asking each family to ask themselves what a quality education is worth and consider donating at this time. If it’s not in your budget this year, you might consider hosting a fundraiser in your home, assisting in upcoming fundraisers, or helping the Foundation reach out to business or individuals in our community that might be able to donate to our school. Please contact Anna Prewitt, or John Perea johnperea@aol.comto help support the CIS Foundation.The CIS Foundation would like to recognize and thank each of the families that have contributed to the ongoing success of our Annual Fund this year! There is still time to make a difference in the stability of our amazing school. We are hoping to raise $100,000 this year through donations, grants, fundraisers and community support to pay for the purchase of our beautiful facility to ensure the longterm success of Corrales International School.Remember that the Corrales International School Foundation is a 501c3, and all contributions are tax deductible. We can accept cash, check, credit card and Paypal payments. You can also choose to donate through the United Way.
Thank you to our generous donors this year, who are helping to light the way for education!
Lantern Bearers
 Chris and Carrie Elmore
Spark of Light
Tara Armijo-Prewitt &Family

Barbaro Perez (B&C Trucking)

Glow Sponsors
 Sarah Meto
 Chris and Carol Taylor & Family
Lostah Johnston & Family
Elizabeth Vanleeuwen
Illuminate Sponors:
The DiPalma Family
George and Marlene Bachand