Our Building! –Make it Ours by 2017

From the CIS Foundation
As we all (hopefully) know by now, CIS must be in a publicly owned building by 2017 in order to have our charter renewed. To make this happen we must come together as a community to raise the funds needed for the down payment for the wonderful building we are currently in. The CIS Foundation’s mission is to support this goal, as a tax-deductible non-profit our goal is to work within and outside of the school community to make this happen! There are many ways to contribute to the long term success and viability of our unique school.
Please consider becoming a United Way donor: Go to https://donor.united-e-way.org/give.aspx, or speak to your employer. Be sure to use the “Search for Donor button” to find Corrales International School Foundation to indicate where you would like your donation to go. You can make a one time donation or become a monthly donor!
For only $55.00 a month your family can donate the recommended $650 per family donation to make our school’s fundraising goal a reality.
Our commemorative bricks have been installed!  Come by and take a look!
Go to the school website or https://www.bricksrus.com/order/cis/index.php to order one for your family, business or House today!
Our next meeting is TBD, attendance earns House points, and everyone is welcome!
A big thank you to all CIS Housed for their fundraising efforts over the school year, together they raised over $7000 for the building fund!
Special Recognition to our sustaining donors whose generosity each month through United Way is helping to grow our Building Fund!
George and Marlene Bachand
Marcelle Fiedler
Elizabeth Volkman
Paul Judd
Lisa Ortega
Tara Armijo-Prewitt
Dr. Elsy Diaz
Thank you to our generous donors:
Illuminate sponsors
George and Marlene Bachand
Chris and Carol Taylor
Spark Of Light 
Elizabeth Vanleeuwen
Southwest Collectibles
Kevin and Janet Vowles
Jennifer Salisbury
Lantern Bearers
The Kumar Family
Legacy Media
Susan Murphy
Tom and Liza Volkman
Seth W.Fiedler
Frank & Donna Payne
Sarah Meto
Chris & Carrie Elmore
Jesus & Claudia Olivas
Brenda Lucero
Pamela Kear & Robin Yoder
B & C Trucking
Wayne & Maggie Unze
JoAnn Brown
Katherine Hutchinson
Joanne Villa
Michael Villa
Philip Hellmick
If you have donated but do not see your name listed, please feel free to contact Anna, annaprewitt@gmail.com.
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Ribbon Cutting

Thanks to everyone who attended our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! Special thank you to NaMa Catering for donation of refreshments for this event!

Corrales International School is a unique school that offers a great educational experience, while striving to create a strong sense of community and cooperation.  Our local community members, amazing teachers, dedicated staff and involved parents all work together to create a caring environment that allows our children to flourish. 

Our community volunteers and parents are too numerous to list but please know that your input is invaluable to the success of our school.

Special thank you to the Benedict family and Shooter Properties, Scott Anderson & Associates, Chris Dennison and TrueLight Electric, James Weiss and Weiss Technologies, J&J Technologies, Ben Martinez and Total Network Solutions, Vic Vaquera and Elite Mechanical, Armed Response, NaMa Catering, Chris Tafoya and CJT Electric, Business Environments, Slide-A-Shelf, and CR Refrigeration.


5500 Wilshire Ave NE

We are now located at 5500 Wilshire Ave NE 87113.  You have moved boxes, shoveled sand, unpacked library books and bought a brick, now come join us in celebrating all of the hard work and real community effort that has resulted in Corrales International School finding it’s permanent home!

August 2, 2014 Today the sand was delivered to prepare our playground area!

1537588_10204564811707164_6554872068746252877_oA big 10547798_10204564813587211_4250016797906210395_othank you to the CIS Foundation for funding it, and to the Spauldings, Ortegas, Bachands, Prewitts, Cremeens, Romeros, Morrows, Andersons, Trails, Holmans, Nicksons, and Bucios for hours of hard work at our new school!





Installation of the elevator has begun–it has been delivered and progress is being made!  The Kinder Language Academy has unfortunately been canceled as of 7/31/14.  We apologize for this disappointing but necessary change in our program.

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We will be moving into our beautiful new two-story facility over the summer. We have signed the lease and now we begin the very exciting phase of planning and fundraising to make our dream a reality very quickly! Remodeling begins March 1st!

I want to clarify a couple of points regarding this move. I have received the following two questions from some parents and I wish to share my response with you.

1. Why are we choosing to move and why do we need to buy a building?
As a charter school we are required to be in a publicly owned building by our next renewal year, 2017. Therefore, we have no choice but to find a suitable building that will meet our instructional and student needs. Our Governing Council has found and secured the perfect facility to fulfill the CIS mission, with space to continue to grow inquiry and global understanding in our community’s children!  Our goal is to raise $700,000 for the down payment by 2017.

2. How will we ever raise $700,000 dollars for the down payment and how will this affect our operational budget?

a. We have received SB9 Capital Outlay Funds this school year because we were renewed as a charter school. For the next five years we will receive approximately $64,443 that we can use for the purchase of a building.  This amount will increase in the next five years if we meet our enrollment of 240 students. So by 2017 we will have accumulated $270,778.
b. The current owner of the new building will be donating approximately $75,000 towards the purchase of the building.
c. Plus $40,000 current foundation funds which includes $30,000 in security deposit.
d. All these amounts will give us a total $385,778 towards our building!
e. Therefore we have approximately 4 years to raise the remaining $314,222. Together We Can Do This!

Right now we need to raise funds for the security deposit and first month’s rent. The Lease with an Option to Buy agreement asks for a security deposit of approximately $30,000 plus the first month’s lease payment of approximately $30,000 as soon as the tenant improvements are approved. CIS has paid $10,000 towards the security deposit and the CIS Foundation has approved the remaining $20,000. Therefore we need to raise an additional $30,000.

1. Join in the ongoing and upcoming fundraisers
a. Read-A-Thon please sign-up your child to collect pledges from friends and families for reading!  Please email me if you have not received the registration information information diaz@corralesis.org
b. Buy tickets to and attend the Student Art Auction and Winter Student Performance December 14, 2014.

2. Make a tax-deductible donation to the CIS Foundation Tax ID#: 03-2177700-00-4
b. This can be done directly by placing donation in CIS Foundation Box by Kindergarten classroom or by clicking on the donation button on this page
c. Through your employment through United Way

3. Solicit donations from businesses or family members all of which are tax-deductible CIS Foundation Tax ID#: 03-2177700-00-4. Please contact diaz@corralesis.org if you would like a letter to donors!

4. Purchase a brick or two to commemorate your family, student, or loved one. Bricks will be used to build a CIS Journey wall and pathway in our new building. BricksRUs site https://www.bricksrus.com/order/cis/index.php

5. Target REDcard Take Charge of Education Program, with a Target REDcard, you can go to their site https://www-secure.target.com/redcard/tcoe/home and register your card. A percentage of all sales will go to CIS. Our school membership code is 148643.

We have much to do–too much for a few hands. But with our whole amazing community working together on the same mission which benefits us all, success is just around the corner (or just a few miles up the road!)

Dr. Elsy Diaz
Head of School
Corrales International School