MYP Year 1 Pre-Transition Math

Grade 6

Monday, November 18, 2013

Math, Grade 6  – November 18 – 22

This week we are aiming to wrap up our unit on area and volume.

During the week we will be working on reviewing the basic concepts listed below and applying what we have learned to solve realistic problems involving volume and area

During this unit we have covered the following concepts and skills:

  • Defining perimeter, area, and volume and identifying appropriate types of measurement units
  • Using the formula A = L x W for the area of rectangular figures
  • Identifying a base and height for triangles and parallelograms
  • Using the formula A = base x height for the area of parallelograms
  • Finding the area of a composite shape by summing the areas of its parts
  • Solving realistic problems involving area of composite shapes
  • Using the formula V = L x W x H to find the volume and dimensions of cuboids (boxes)
  • Using the formula V = Base area x height (altitude) to find the volume and dimensions of a prism
  • Finding the volume of a composite polyhedron by summing the volumes of its parts
  • Finding the surface area of a polyhedron by summing the areas of its faces

Many students have yet to demonstrate mastery of basic math facts.  Please make sure your child works on math facts daily.  Math Trainer is the best online resource I have found for this:

Apologies for the delay in posting student scores on PowerSchool.


Math 6   –  11/01/13

In Math 6 we are currently working on area and perimeter of rectangles, parallelograms and triangles and composite figures composed of these shapes.  We will be using these skills as a basis for calculating the volumes and surface areas of cuboids and prisms.  All students should be practicing their basic math facts daily.

Note:  I am available for parent-teacher conferences for those parents who were unable to schedule a conference with me last week.  Please contact me to arrange a time.