MYP Year 2 Transition Math

Grade 7

Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Update – Dec 2-13 – Math 7, Y2

Monday, November 18, 2013

Math Grade 7  – November 18 – 22

Last week we wrapped up our unit on percents and began a unit on ratios and proportions.

Questions we will be addressing in this unit are:

  • What is a ratio?  What does a ratio mean?
  • How do we express ratios?
  • What is a proportion?  What does it mean to say something is proportional or to scale?
  • When, where and why do we use proportions?
  • How do we determine if something is proportional or to scale?
  • How can we find a missing value in a proportion?
  • How can we use the concepts of ratios and proportion to understand and solve realistic problems?

Many students have not yet demonstrated mastery of basic multiplication and division facts and still struggle with multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers.  Please help your child review these basic math skills regularly.

A good online resource for practicing math facts is at .

Apologies for the delay in posting student scores on PowerSchool.


Math 7  –  11/01/13

Students in Math 7 are continuing exploring fractional concepts.  One group is finishing up on operations with basic fractions and mixed number and will be moving on to percents.  Another group has demonstrated proficiency in fractional operations and is currently applying percent concepts to realistic situations.   All students should be practicing the basic math facts on a daily basis.

Note:  I am available for parent-teacher conferences for those parents who were unable to schedule a conference with me last week.  Please contact me to arrange a time.