Stitch Club, Fridays

stitch club



This Friday (12/16)  is a short day and we will not have be having stitch club.
We will start back up on January 13th (which is the second Friday after we get back to school). I work as a Office Manager and will be working OT the first week of January to get our fiscal year closed.

We have been working on knitting! We are using the easy e cast on, and the Continental Method to do the knit stitch. There are literally thousands of great videos on YouTube that are extremely helpful, but I have also attached a video that my second grader, Cyrus, filmed of me that might also be helpful! img_3495

If your kids have any questions over break email them over and I can do a quick video (or find a link to a good one)! When we get back we will work on purl stitch and casting off!

It has been a joy to see so many of the kids take up knitting and crocheting! I can’t wait to start back up in the new year!

Have a great break!

-Mrs. Sarah