House System



House Points Check In Form

house assignments 2016-17


Red House, Yellow House, Blue House, Green House, Orange House, Purple House

Description of House Leadership

Parent Role: Participate in all House meetings and take on leadership role in leading events, activities and competitions. Volunteer to lead our students! Read the weekly newsletter (backpack express/house newsletter) and check the CIS calendar on our website. Stay connected!

Teacher Role: Faculty will meet on a weekly basis (Wednesdays) to discuss instruction, student needs, and assessment to ensure students are reaching their academic goals. A student improvement plan will be developed for every student not achieving at grade level or whose behavior is affecting learning and the learning of others.


Each House is led and managed by a Head of House supported by House Captains.

The House Captains are responsible for organizing community service opportunities, social events, and fund raising activities for the House.

Head of House (parent) – presides at House meetings, works with faculty of the house, and reports directly to the School Advisory Committee. This individual is a voting member of the SAC or attends the SAC with the voting member of the house. Also collaborates with Activities Captain to organize events and ensure House member participation.

Assistant Captain (parent/faculty) – presides at the meetings in the absence of the head of House and ensures that all committees are working together. Also collaborates with Activities Captain to organize events and ensure House member participation.

Activities Captain (student and parent) – Is responsible for organizing all events (including forming committees) to ensure participation and success.

House Historian (student and parent) – performs the function of a secretary, keeping minutes of all House meetings and is familiar with all the basic House procedures and keeps a record of all the important activities of the House.

House Treasurer (parent) – is responsible for the safekeeping of any House funds. All House funds must be reported and delivered to CIS Business Manager within 24 hours of fundraising. This person also keeps and protects all House “relics”: any items such as banners, trophy, crests, gavels, etc.

House Monitors (1 parent and 1 faculty) – These individuals establish a phone tree among the House families and ensure that information is shared accurately. A log is also maintained to monitor parent and student participation in House activities.