Co-Ed Soccer, 6th grade +

apple logo March 2, 2017
Good Afternoon,
Today we are walking to Wildflower park, after school, for soccer practice.  If your student did not turn in a permission form at practice last night, or does not have one with them today, he/she will not be permitted to walk to the park for practice.  They will be signed into aftercare where you will need to pick them up.
If your student did turn in a permission form, they will be walking to Wildflower park, from school, for soccer practice starting today.  Please pick them up at Wildflower park at 6pm.
This will be the procedure on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for the remainder of the season.  Wednesdays will need to be the responsibility of the parents to drop off and pick up at Wildflower park as school gets out early.  If there is a change in practice time or venue due to inclement weather we will let you know ahead of time.  Thank you.
Soccer Game Schedule
Date          Time  Visiting   vs Home   Location   
3/14/20174:30         GARFIELDCISGARFIELD

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