Teacher Page – Ivonne Bouche

Overview of Class



Dear Families,
Hope you had a good weekend. Maestra Bouche will be back on campus tomorrow Monday, April 11th. She was out due to an accident that occurred the week of April 4th. For now, we have postponed the math tutoring classes until further notice. You will receive information if we are to begin them again in the next few weeks.

The ELA vocabulary/spelling words for this week are: stationary, velocity, acceleration, gravity, friction, wavelength, crest, trough, rarefaction, pitch, acoustic, transverse, particle, amplitude, and longitudinal. The SLA words for this week are: estacionario, velocidad, aceleración, gravedad, fricción, longitud de onda, cresta, canal, rarefacción, tono, acústica, transversal, partícula, amplitud and longitudinal. We will use these words throughout the week in our science study and will create mini charts or posters which will help us understand their meaning. Tomorrow however, students will be quizzed on the words they worked on last week.

Feel free to reach out to me if we have not met for our conference. I will also reach out to you with my availability to meet at a time that works for you.

This week we will be studying how sounds are made, what can change an object’s motion and will continue with our study of the different topics of exhibition. Mr Diaz and I have allowed students to choose their topics to work on for the final unit of the year as is to be expected for exhibition. Ask your child what their topic is about? Ask them if they feel they need guidance with respect to how to research things. Have them tell you what they know thus far and what part of the investigation process they enjoy so far. It is exciting to see their growth and involvement of what they want to see in their future world.

Have a great week.
Ms. Bouche