School Advisory Committee

The Role of the School Advisory Committee

The SAC is an advisory body comprised of parent representatives for each CIS grade, PYP and MYP teacher representatives and the Head of School.  The members work together to better our school through active discussion and problem-solving to recommend policy solutions to issues relevant to the students, parents and staff at CIS.

1. All New Mexico schools are required to have participatory Advisory School Committees that include parents and community members. NM Statutes Annotated (NMSA) 22-5-16; (HB 212, Section 27).

2. An Advisory School Committee must be created in every public school to assist the school principal/director with school-based decision making;

3. The purpose of the Advisory School Committee is to address issues of budget, student assessment, data, policy relating to instructional issues and curricula, parent and community involvement, and business partnerships. (NMSA 22-5-16, HB 212)

4. The Committee shall give advice, consistent with state and school district rules and policies, on policies relating to instructional issues and curricula and on proposed and actual budgets.

5. The Committee shall have membership equitably balanced among school employees, parents, and community members, including the business community.

6. The Committee shall be created and elected in accordance with local governing board rule.

7. The Committee shall develop and implement creative ways to involve parents in schools;

8. The Committee shall coordinate, where appropriate, existing work force development boards or career technical education advisory councils to connect students and academic programs to business; and (Section 8 is not applicable to SAC.)

SAC Representatives for 2016-17 SAC Chair – Megan Walsh

  • Kinder- Brent Gordon
  • 1st- Marcelle Fiedler
  • 2nd- Sarah Chancey
  • 3rd- Monica Carrick ( 619-995-1919
  • 4th- Susan Murphy
  • 5th- Linda Kehoe (
  • 6th- Megan Walsh (
  • 7th- Tara Armijo-Prewitt ( 304-0672 and Naketta Wiley (
  • 8th- Robin Yoder ( 264-1402
  • 9th- Nicole Montague (
  • 10th- Linda Klas
  • 11th/12th- Kim Romero (
  • PYP- Ana Perea (
  • MYP-Sheley Wimmer (
  • Admin-Mark Tolley (

Minutes and Agendas 

Draft meeting minutes:

April DRAFT 2017 Meeting Minutes APRIL SAC minutes 2017 CIS – 07 – 2017-2018 School Calendar (1) CIS – SAC Budget Packet – FY2018

March 2017 Meeting Minutes SAC Minutes march2017

February 2017 SAC Draft Minutes-February 2017

SAC Minutes-January 1.11.17 Parent Night Slide Show 1-2017

Agenda for upcoming meetingAPRIL SAC 2017


Please contact your class rep or the SAC Chairperson for copies of the minutes and upcoming agenda.