Corrales International School abides by all New Mexico and federal school enrollment laws. Corrales International School encourages diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, economic standing, religion, language, or disability of the child in its enrollment policies or educational programs.
Current Corrales International School Staff have preference for enrolling their family.
Sibling Legacy Preference: A sibling of a student already enrolled at Corrales International School and who seeks admission is accepted without requirement of going into a lottery.  If there are no available seats in the respective grade level, siblings will be added to a wait list for a separate lottery drawing.   Sibling Legacy Preference will only be honored if the current CIS student maintains enrollment for the following school year.
Sibling by definition is a:
·         Biological/adoptive sibling
·         Step-sibling residing in the same household. Step-siblings living in different households are not considered for a sibling preference.
·         Foster child or other child residing within the same household. Parents must provide documentation showing they have legal guardianship

Wait Lists
A wait list for each grade level will be established whenever capacity at each grade level has been reached.   Applicants on the wait lists will be contacted when a seat becomes available.  To secure enrollment, appropriate forms must be returned to the school office within one week of initial notification of available seat.
When an applicant is placed on the wait list, the application is held until a new enrollment period begins usually after the 120th day of the school year. 

The Lottery Process
1.  Parents interested in enrolling their student at CIS must complete an online application by the deadline for the lottery applications.
2. All applications, after being accepted, are imported into PowerSchool Registration Portal.  Once we run the lottery through PowerSchool, waitlists are created for each grade level.
  a.  All families will receive an email with the student’s wait list number.  Those applicants which have been seated in an available spot will be notified by email. Families MUST reply and notify the school of acceptance within 24 hours, clarifying their decision to accept or decline the enrollment. If families do not respond within 24 hours, the applicant’s spot will be lost.
b. To secure enrollment, registration process must be completed online and original birth certificate and most recent shot record need to be brought to the school within one week. If all forms are not received within one week, the school will make an offer to the next applicant on the wait list.
c. Students who are admitted to CIS are expected to attend the first day of school. 
3. In the case of siblings, if the first sibling is selected, e.g., for grade 4, then the second sibling will automatically be given a seat in his/her respective grade level, if a seat is available.  If a seat is not available, then that sibling will be added to the sibling wait list. 
a. This sibling preference will only be honored if the first sibling maintains enrollment for the first month of the school year.
4.  Attendance at the lottery is not required.

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