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We will be rescheduling our GAC meeting for March 2nd, at 4pm.  I hope this isn’t a major inconvenience, see you there!new logo apple with leavesJanuary 30, 2017

Our 2nd Gifted Advisory Meeting is scheduled for February 16th at 4pm in the Library.  It will be a brief meeting, less than an hour.  If you have specific things that you would like me to add to the minutes, please privately reply to this email.

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October 27, 2016

Fall GAC meeting agenda here october-27-2016

Our next GAC meeting will be held on October 27 at 4pm. We invite all parents/guardians of students in our Gifted program to attend!


You are all invited to attend our Gifted Advisory Council meeting on Thursday, October 27 at 4pm in the library.
We will cover:
-Goals for the year
-Priorities of the Gifted Program
-Operational Plans for Student Identification and Evaluation
-Placement and Service Delivery
I hope to see you there!
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September 10, 2014


Thank you to all the parents and PTA members who were able to attend our last meeting, it was so helpful for me to meet you and get an idea of the direction we can take our GAC.  Some points that we covered:

  • In an effort to keep you informed about the projects we are doing in our Gifted pull-out time, I will update you all with current content as well as opportunities for involvement.  This includes but is not limited to: guest speakers, field trips, project materials, etc.  For the time being, I will send out periodic emails with this information and when my school website it up and running, I will transfer it over.
  • There was an interest in bringing testing data and scores to the group as a way of monitoring long-range performance.
  • We made a decision to split the GAC into two sub-comittees by PYP and MYP.  These sub-committees would meet individually between scheduled GAC meetings to discuss more specific issues that will then be brought back to the larger group.
  • PYP subcommittee will be meeting on Monday, September 29th at 5:30 in the library
  • MYP subcommittee will be meeting on Tuesday September 30th at 5:30 in the library
  • GAC will be meeting quarterly, the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 20th at 5:30 in the library

I will continue to send out GAC email updates for those of you who are unable to make our meetings, I know 5:30 in most households is the witching hour!  If you would like me to take you off the email list, please let me know.  Additionally, if you would like to be included in subcommitee email updates, but will not be attending the meeting, please let me know and I can add you.  To avoid email overload, I will not add you to subcommittee updates unless you request it.

PROGRAM OUTLINE as of 9.10.14.  Please keep in mind that this is a skeleton and very much subject to change.  I have bolded the parts where parent involvement would be appreciated, please feel free to email me if you get inspired about ways you can get involved.

3rd Grade:

Using giant tangrams, mosaics and patterns to discuss fractions, percents, multiplication and symmetry.  It is part of a larger project that will include a “global tapestry” art project. Stay tuned for more details, we will probably need some artistic adults and materials.

4th/5th Grade:

Genetics and polling.  We are learning about Genetics to differentiate inherited traits from family values.  Through an ongoing discussion about Nature vs. Nurture we will poll students about different traits and then analyze the data to identify either their genetic roots or cultural roots.  I’d like to enrich their understanding of either the history of some cultural traditions or genetic coding, perhaps both.  I think this would be a cool opportunity for a field trip or guest speaker, so if you know a guy…

6th Grade:

Every other week, the 6th graders do a Latin Roots immersion using the Word Within a Word text series as a guide.  Creative word exploration and expression that builds on understanding of Latin stems through scientific terms and word deconstruction as a method of comprehension.

Also, we just started our “Identity Tapestry” project.  Using “weave” patterns as a code for life experiences we are designing a “tapestry” that reflects each student’s unique identity.  Concepts such as cause and effect, interpersonal relationships, connectedness of our choices, power and advocacy are all integrated into the discussion.

7th/8th Grade:

We are currently working on a more complex version of the “Identity Tapestry”.  Students have been asked to map integral events in their life and deconstruct the circumstances to show connectedness, motivation, consequences and power.  The events are all coded with symbols the students chose, resulting in a fractal-like representation of a completely unique experience.  This is a very personal and has proven quite challenging, I have been very proud of the self reflection the students have shown.  I would be interested in some kind of round table or joint project with other young people (not at CIS) as a way to share/compare experiences so some suggestions on how to do this would be great.  This could work in conjunction with our group community project.

9th/10th Grade:

We are working on our personal projects, so stay tuned for developments and ways you can help as we progress.

Thank you for all that you do!






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Gifted Advisory Committee Meeting 2.25.14

Present were Venesee Taylor, Scott Copley, Tara Armijo-Prewitt, Bryant Furlow, Cristina Takacs-Vesbach, Liza Volkmann, Jo Guiney

Venesee Taylor presented the pie charts on CIS’  budget allocations, expenditures, and gifted expenses for CIS, 2013-2014.

School mission statement was reviewed. article on social/emotional needs of gifted was distributed and noted.

Venesee Taylor discussed possible upcoming contributions of Dr. Scott to the program, noting possible workshops for teachers and parents on the importance of differentiation for gifted students as well as the social and emotional needs of the gifted.

Placement testing for MYP math proposed for end of school year, 2014.

Individualized goals with choice of unit correlation or independence for pull out presentations/projectgs are currently being used in IEP’s.

Webpage post-it session topics will be posted by Tara on development of our Gifted program will extend beyond this meeting to the next to solicit input from teachers and parents.

Some questions parents currently have from the last GAC meeting were

  • What does the space in the new school look like?
  • Does the budget allocate for a full-time teacher?

Venesee Taylor noted that CIS will be hiring a full-time teacher for gifted next year, 2014-15.

Workshop collaborating with teachers to meet the needs of gifted population.

Investigate effective formats for Gifted Programs.

We need to have a policy with short and long term goals specified by the end of the year.

We need to establish meeting times for the council with parent input on time and day for the next 3 months, tentatively the next meeting will be the 18th of March.

Parent concerned they have not seen progress to goals reports and Venesee Taylor noted that the information will be sent to parents soon.

Parents requested communication of students projects through teacher webpage.

Dr. Scott will present to teachers on the differentiation needs of gifted students and then meet with teachers and parents.

Investigate pre-algebra resources for PYP.

Sunshine math website posted for parent access.

Parents have a desire to help and need guidance how to engage.