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Position Name Email Bio
Head of School tolley-makr Mark Tolley TolleyM@CorralesIS.org
Business Manager rebekah Rebekah Runyan, AptAbility  Rrunyan@Aptability.net
Registrar, STARS


img_0588 Dawn Jackson JacksonD@CorralesIS.org   Bio
Office Manager raqualle  Raqualle Brainard  BrainardR@corralesis.org
Nurse Dennison Jennifer Jennifer Dennison DennisonJ@CorralesIS.org
Health Assistant brainard-patti Patti Brainard BrainardP@CorralesIS.org
Receptionist Nikki Tafoya  Nikki Tafoya  TafoyaN@CorralesIs.org


Class Picture Name Email Bio
Kindergarten Teacher escobedo-gaby Gaby Escobedo EscobedoG@CorralesIS.org Bio
Kindergarten EA atilano-silvia Silvia Atilano  AtilanoS@CorralesIs.org
1st Grade Teacher Julia Tapia  TapiaJ@CorralesIS.org
2nd/3rd Grade Teacher (English) Christi Trail picture Christi Trail TrailC@CorralesIS.org   Bio
2nd/3rd Grade Teacher (Spanish) Marina Cortes-Nunez  CortesNunezM@CorralesIS.org
4th/5th Grade Teacher (Spanish), PYP and IB Curriculum Coordinator and Bilingual Director perea-ana Ana Perea PereaA@CorralesIS.org
4th/5th Grade Teacher (English) diaz-brent Brent Diaz DiazB@CorralesIs.org   Bio
PYP 6th Grade Teacher anguiano-brendali Brendali Anguiano AnguianoB@CorralesIS.org
MYP Individual & Societies Teacher  tiger-lisa Lisa Tiger TigerL@CorralesIS.org
Student and Programs Administrator

(MYP, PLTW, Assessment)

wimmer-sheley Sheley Wimmer WimmerS@CorralesIS.org
MYP Language Arts Megan Chatterton  ChattertonM@CorralesIS.org
MYP Math yolanda  Yolanda Lozano  LozanoY@corralesis.org
MYP Math Anne Massie  MassieA@CorralesIS.org
MYP Science flores-lisa Lisa Flores  FloresL@CorralesIs.org
MYP Science/PLTW copley-scott Scott Copley CopleyS@CorralesIS.org  Bio
MYP Chinese
MYP Spanish, Raul Villarreal  villarrealr@corralesis.org
SPED Coordinator, Athletic Director romero-kim Kim Romero RomeroK@CorralesIS.org   Bio
Enrichment Instructor banks-alexa Alexa Banks BanksA@CorralesIS.org
 Educational Assistant  Janel Burmeister  BurmeisterJ@Corralesis.org
Educational.Assistant lopez-marisa Marisa Lopez LopezM@CorralesIS.org


Position Picture Name Email Bio
Reading Specialist, and ESL Giannini Norma Norma Giannini GianniniN@CorralesIS.org    Bio
PYP and MYP Music/Performing Arts Hughes Amy Amy Hughes HughesA@CorralesIs.org
 PYP and MYP Art Teacher  laurie  Laurie Samaniego-Crump CrumpL@CorralesIs.org





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