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International Baccalaureate Organization’s

10 staff behavioural competencies:

Impact and influence

Communicating with understanding, confidence, clarity and effectiveness and having a positive impact on others.


Passion for the IB mission

Aligning behaviour to the needs, priorities and goals of the IB and inspiring passion for the IB mission.


International Mindedness

Culturally aware and respectful, having a global outlook, identifying opportunities for global working.


Stakeholder focus

Always acting to discover, meet and exceed the needs of the IB’s current and future internal and external stakeholders.


Managing and developing self and others

Managing and developing self, supporting or managing the performance, development and well-being of others, to achieve organizational goals and support the IB community.


Delivering results

Having accountability for work and managing time and resources effectively, delivering results to a high standard and taking responsibility for own actions.


Teamwork and cooperation

Working to support and develop collaboration within and across teams through leadership.


Driving to improve

Having the courage, forethought and independence of spirit to use change and/or continuous development to drive organizational improvements and organizational learning in a socially responsible manner.


Decision making

Exploring and identifying the best and most ethical approach, taking personal responsibility, meeting challenges and resolving problems.


Organizational development

Developing and/or implementing the IB’s strategic plan to meet the medium and long term needs, mission and values of the organization.



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